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    Posted on March 1, 2012 by in get on the net

    I spend money on flyers, brochures, business cards and ads in the local paper plus my listing in the telephone directory. Isn’t that enough places to find me?


    Great, you’re getting your name out there and telling people about your business. But how effective are all these forms of promotion? What are the advantages of paying out more money for a website?

    Information 24/7

    Your time is finite, you cannot be available to all your clients all of the time, let alone be there for those potential clients when they contact you. Your website is available every minute of every day (even weekends and holidays) for anyone who needs information. It is your business’s very own marketing department that never sleeps. How cool is that?

    Scenario : a man realises at 7pm on Saturday evening that he needs to sort out a problem on Monday. He has been recommended a couple of firms who can help so turns on his PC to see which one might be better suited to his problem. One firm hasn’t got a website, just a brief online listing in various directories so he cannot find the information he needs to make a decision. Your company website comes up in the search results and he has a look around a few pages. All the information he needs to know is readily available and there’s a contact form that he can fill in so he doesn’t have to remember to call you Monday morning. He sends of an enquiry and settles down to a relaxing evening with his family. One less worry for Monday morning.


    You start off your business and pay your local printer to create some great brochures, flyers and business cards. Everything is going great but you realise that if you took your business in a slightly different direction you could do even better. Suddenly those brochures etc are out of date. How can you get your new information out without incurring more design and printing costs (not to mention the waste of money for the out of date brochures)?

    What about that advertisement you placed in the phone directory? That obviously doesn’t mention your new direction and you cannot change that at all until the new directory is published – something entirely out of your control.

    A website is flexible, if you add a new dimension or product to your range then you add an extra page or two to your website. Yes, unless you do it yourself you will incur some costs, but not as much as designing and printing a whole new set of brochures and so on. Plus it’s better for the environment. Your website is an adaptable advertisement and can be changed alongside your business needs and developed to fit in with your budget.

    *part of the “Get on the Net” series soon to be published as an ebook

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