• The Idea

    Posted on November 16, 2011 by in general

    I was reading a book (Zoom) earlier today written especially for those who want to put their ideas into action. Within 15 pages I had got to thinking what I could do that I was passionate about. Yes, I already freelance as a web designer and love it! However, my other passion is helping people.

    I have, over the last three years of running my business, pointed various friends and contacts in the direction of help and advice for them to achieve their dreams of running their own business. I realised that I was passionate about this and then I thought “what if all the information I want to give them is in one place?”

    So, the idea for Create Bubbles was born.

    Create Bubbles? There are several reasons for this name.

    • bubbles as in ‘bubbles of ideas’
    • bubbles as in FUN!
    • bubbles as in the Bubbles swimming area in Morecambe (where I live, sadly demolished)
    So there’s the kernel of an idea that, within *checks watch* 5 hours, has become a baby reality. 

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